Staten Islanders rank worst for speeding in New York

| Jun 22, 2021 | Car Accidents

Speeding is a serious issue in New York City, but do you know who the worst offenders are? According to a new report, it’s actually Staten Islanders who are the worst offenders with speeding in the state.

According to a report from Transportation Alternatives, the majority of drivers in New York City go over the speed limit regularly. On Staten Island, people were found to be the worst offenders, breaking the speed limit more than others.

How did Transportation Alternatives determine the results?

According to Transportation Alternatives, they sent staff members out with radar guns to track drivers’ speeds throughout five different locations in New York City. There was one location in each borough. Gunners stayed at those positions for two to four hours at a time between the months of April and May.

They tracked 1,663 drivers and found that 70% of drivers in New York City drove over the speed limit. Of those individuals, 17% were traveling 11 mph or more over the limit. This information is going to be used to push for Sammy’s Law, which is named after a 12-year-old boy who was killed by a reckless driver. The law would reduce speed limits to 15 mph in school zones.

Hit by a speeding driver? You’re not alone

With so many people speeding, you’re not alone if you’re hit by someone who was traveling over the limit. Many motor vehicle collisions are caused by speeding and reckless driving. If you’re struck, you have an opportunity to make a claim against the at-fault driver. Get medical attention, and remember that you can take steps to hold others responsible for their actions.