Beware of cicada invasion while driving

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Car Accidents

You’re driving home on the Staten Island Expressway and see that the truck behind you is driving erratically. You notice the driver making frantic arm movements inside the cab as he swerves from lane to lane.

Then, with a screech of tires, you are rear-ended by the pickup truck driver. What just happened?

You were the victim of a cicada-related car accident

Unfortunately, New York is one of the states affected by the cicada invasion of 2021. Swarms of cicadas recently emerged from the ground after a 17-year hiatus — and the resulting chaos is causing havoc for some drivers.

It is quite disorienting to suddenly have to deal with a large, buzzing insect while you are behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s hurtling down the highway. As far as distractions go, this one can be major, far exceeding answering a cellphone call or taking a sip of your morning coffee. However, it is the one behind the wheel who must eschew all distractions and continue to focus on the road ahead and the task at hand — driving.

Your injuries could be serious

Rear-end collisions can cause all sorts of injuries and damage. Whiplash and soft tissue injuries are quite common, as can be concussions if you took an especially hard hit. The problem with concussions is — as with all forms of traumatic brain injury — the effects may linger and even resurface later in life.

If you get into an accident with a distracted driver, make sure to file your claim for damages in a timely manner in order to be fairly compensated for your damages and losses.