Falling tools and construction supplies cause employer liability

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Injuries

Those hurt on the job usually file for workers’ compensation benefits after an injury, but sometimes they can take legal action against their employer. In a situation where a worker can show that their employer was negligent or violated the law, they can potentially file a civil lawsuit against the company in addition to whatever workers’ compensation claim they make.

Similar rules apply to the general public. They can file insurance claims against companies who cause them injuries in many cases and can sometimes also file a civil lawsuit when they have massive losses due to the company’s negligence or wrongful acts.

Falling tools, materials and equipment remain one of the leading causes of construction injuries and deaths. It is also an easily preventable problem that may open an employer up to serious liability claims by any injured workers or passersby.

Falling objects are a known risk factor

Construction companies should always adhere to industry best practices to reduce the risk of injuries and death. Every year, workers and other people get hurt, die or suffer significant property damage when items fall at construction sites.

Employers should provide employees with training and the proper equipment to secure tools and materials while working at a significant elevation. When a company does not provide appropriate resources or training or when it does not enforce policies aimed at limiting risks, they may be responsible at least in part for the accidents and injuries that occur.

Understanding the obligations that a construction company has can help someone injured at a construction site determine what options they may have for compensation.