Truck accident/injury risks across NYC: a sobering concern

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Car Accidents

The sprawling New York City metro area is a world of its own when it comes to traffic.

New Yorkers know that. When out and about (whether behind the wheel in a passenger vehicle, riding a motorcycle, on a bike or walking), they daily see and deal with a configuration of vehicles that is arguably more varied and diverse than any other place on earth.

That obviously creates a bit of excitement on a daily basis, right?

And it also spawns safety challenges.

New Yorkers also know that.

In fact, the sheer number of urban motor vehicle accidents involving injury – often catastrophic and, sadly, sometimes fatal – readily attests to the comparatively high road-linked risks that area residents routinely face.

Vehicles are everywhere, jockeying for space and position on freeways and streets, traveling over bridges and through tunnels, adjusting speeds and negotiating signals and intersections.

And people are everywhere, too. Notably, they daily confront one especially singular risk catalyst that this blog post spotlights below.

A pronounced NYC safety concern: truck traffic

Trucks and New York City go together like … well, readers get the point.

The focus of this blog entry is not on the country’s biggest rigs, like tractor-trailers and assorted semi-trucks.

Rather, it is on a specialized fleet of hundreds of thousands of other conveyances that operate on streets and thoroughfares 24/7.

Namely, those comprise the bewildering variety of smaller – though often still relatively large – commercial conveyances that crisscross the metro. They deliver goods, cater to the construction industry, provide municipal services and more.

And their diversity almost defies description. An even abbreviated list includes minivans, panel vans/trucks, sedan delivery vehicles, tow trucks, box trucks, flatbed trucks, refrigerator trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, tank trucks and more.

Accidents and resulting injuries linked with those assorted vehicles obviously occur routinely.

Special truck crash considerations: some key points

An established Staten Island personal injury legal source duly notes that “life can change drastically in a split second” for a vehicle accident victim.

That is obviously true in many instances where a truck of virtually any type is an injury catalyst. Victims and their families often suffer mightily in truck crashes.

When they do, proven legal help can establish full crash accountability (sometimes negligence is broad-based; both a driver and employer might share culpability, for instance).

Moreover, a meaningful remedy marked by maximum compensation can help secure assistance broadly applicable to medical costs, rehabilitation, lost wages and other matters.