Truckers name 2 Staten Island bridges among the “scariest”

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Car Accidents

When a particular bridge is frightening for truck drivers, that’s bad news for everyone else who drives on it.

According to a list compiled by the website Freightwaves, two of the “scariest” bridges in this country for truckers are those traveled by people who live and/or work in Staten Island.

The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

This bridge, which runs between Staten Island and Brooklyn, was singled out in part for how high it is over the water. One trucker said that it makes the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan “seem like child’s play.”

The suspension bridge has been known to sway during high winds, which the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) says it was engineered to do. However, trucks are sometimes forbidden to cross the bridge when winds get particularly strong.

The Outerbridge Crossing

This bridge, which connects Staten Island and New Jersey, made the list for its narrow lanes. It has 10-foot lanes, which are narrower than the 12-foot lanes on newer bridges. Some truckers also noted the speeding and other dangerous driving behaviors of motorists who use the bridge to get to (among other places) the Jersey Shore.

The head of the MTA insists that “all of our bridges and tunnels are safe to travel on.” While they may or may not be inherently safe structures, a significant factor is how safely the motorists (including truck drivers) use the drive. 

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