How could winter clothing make walking more dangerous?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Pedestrian Accidents

Of all the times to get hit by a vehicle, when you are on foot is the worse. If you are driving or on public transport when another vehicle crashes into you, at least you have some protection. When you are a pedestrian, there is nothing between you and the cold hard steel.

While you cannot wrap yourself in cotton wool, you do need to wrap up in clothing to keep out the winter weather. If you are freezing, your brain will be less alert than it needs to be to walk the city’s streets in safety.

A certain amount of exposure to the elements is crucial

You do not want to cover yourself up so much that you cannot see or hear the traffic around you. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Earmuffs: They keep your ears toasty, but they also reduce your ability to hear a car approaching as you are about to cross the street.
  • Scarves: If you pull it up around your face to keep off a biting wind, you reduce your vision and hearing.
  • Hoods: The feeling of protection as you cocoon yourself from the world inside a warm hood is false. While your hood helps you avoid exposure to the cold world outside, that is the world you need to be present in.

You are not the only person who will be bundled up in clothing this winter. Drivers will do the same, and they may not see you for the same reasons that too much clothing can make it hard for you to notice them. Understanding your compensation options will be crucial to ensure you do not spend the next few years wrapped in medical debt.