Broken bones can set you back physically and financially

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Car Accidents

When you’re involved in an accident and break a bone, you could be seriously affected by it. Depending on the bone or bones that were broken, you may need surgery to put them back in place or require pins and rods. Broken bones can be severe, some being bad enough to lead to infection, significant bleeding and other issues.

An example of a kind of bone fracture that could impact you is a long bone fracture. A long bone fracture impacts a long bone, such as the humerus, radius, femur or tibia. A fracture to this bone could include one of many kinds, such as:

  • A transverse fracture that breaks across the bone
  • A comminuted fracture, which is when the bone is crushed or splintered
  • A spiral fracture around the bone
  • An open fracture that breaks the skin

The biggest problem with long bone fractures is that the long bones are weight-bearing bones. They are also used as kinds of levers to apply force. When these bones are broken, a person may be unable to walk or pick up weight, both issues that could mean that they can’t work normally, attend school as usual or participate in other activities.

The treatment for long-bone fractures will vary

Depending on the type of fracture that has occurred along the long bone, treatments will vary. All fractures require emergency treatment, but some may require surgery. Comminuted fractures may require surgery to place pins and rods. Open fractures or spiral fractures may require surgery as well. Transverse fractures may require surgery if the bone is displaced.

Stabilizing the bone is essential. Not stabilizing a long bone fracture could result in unusual changes in the length of the bone or problems with bone alignment later on.

Bones will heal on their own, but you need to be aware that you may be out of work or unable to do the things you’d like to do until your bone heals enough to be stable. For some people, this can mean many months of physical therapy, medical attention and other treatments. That’s why it’s important to hold at-fault drivers responsible for their actions. You may be able to seek compensation to cover your losses as you focus on your recovery.