Pedestrian crashes in New York affect thousands every year

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Car Accidents

New York City is a city built for pedestrians. Many people walk in addition to using public transportation to commute to work or run household errands. However, walking near heavy traffic, especially crossing the road, puts pedestrians at risk of crashes or knockdown incidents.

Drivers who don’t notice pedestrians can cause them severe injuries while possibly suffering no more than minor cosmetic damage to their vehicle. While those injured pedestrians can file insurance claims and civil lawsuits over their injuries, avoiding the incident would obviously be better than simply recovering the financial losses that result from it.

Despite many laws aimed at protecting pedestrians, thousands of people get hurt by vehicles in New York every year. Often, they are not to blame for the incident but still have to shoulder the majority of the consequences themselves. 

How much risk do New York pedestrians have?

According to data provided by the state, roughly 300 pedestrians die in New York every year because of traffic incidents, and another 15,000 pedestrians suffer injuries because of an incident involving a vehicle. Roughly a fifth of those hurt, or 3,000 people, will need to go to the hospital for pedestrian-crash injuries each year.

However, when you look at New York City in particular, you may know that pedestrians in the city have lower risk for fatal pedestrian crashes when compared with national fatality rates. New York City sees fewer pedestrian wrecks than many other major municipalities despite its reputation for heavy traffic. Still, pedestrians make up a significant portion of the annual traffic fatalities in New York.

Although it may be somewhat safer for pedestrians in New York than in other metropolitan areas, when pedestrian collisions occur, they often lead to massive expenses. For some people hurt by a crash or coping with the loss of a loved one, insurance will not be enough. They could also get hurt by a driver who doesn’t have insurance at all. Thankfully, the civil courts may offer the path to justice for those harmed by a negligent driver.

Learning about crash risks and insurance protections can help pedestrians recovering from an injury and those who frequently walk and want to avoid getting hurt by motor vehicles.