What protects you from a hit-and-run as a New York pedestrian?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Car Accidents

The New York roads are not particularly friendly to pedestrians despite many people walking and using public transit. From taxi drivers notorious around the world for their aggressive attitudes to bike messengers who never actually come to a full stop, there are many threats that pedestrians have to consider as they travel around New York.

Typically, if someone gets hit by a driver, they know that they can turn to motor vehicle insurance. What happens if you are an injured pedestrian affected by a hit-and-run crash where the driver to blame sped off afterward?

You have rights when the police find the other driver

Some hit-and-run collisions have happy endings. The police are able to use witness statements or traffic camera records to track down the driver who fled the scene of a crash they caused to avoid responsibility.

If you can locate the driver who hurt you, you can theoretically make a claim against their car insurance or possibly take them to civil court for hurting you or causing substantial property damage.

What if you never find the person responsible?

Unfortunately, some hit-and-run drivers successfully evade detection and avoid ever getting caught. If the police cannot find the person who caused the crash, then your only protection may be the personal injury protection (PIP) coverage on your own car insurance policy.

This no-fault coverage can reimburse you for up to 80% of the medical costs you have because of the crash. Of course, it may still leave you with uncovered medical bills and lost wages, and it will do nothing to help replace or repair your vehicle. Only additional coverage on your own policy, like uninsured motorist protection or collision coverage, can fully protect you following a hit-and-run incident with you as a pedestrian. If you don’t drive, you won’t have PIP coverage to protect you.

You may need to push for justice

If you need financial support after a hit-and-run as a pedestrian and the police don’t seem to take your concern seriously, you may need help advocating for justice and looking into your options so that you can secure financial justice.

Learning more about your rights after a New York pedestrian crash help you better respond when you get hurt on the roads.