Why have the roads been getting more dangerous?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Car Accidents

The overall trend with traffic deaths in the United States is that there are fewer of them over time. Even if each year doesn’t see a drastic change, you can see a decided decrease in traffic fatalities if you compare current statistics to the 1970s, for example. There are more cars on the road now than there were then, but we still see far fewer fatal accidents.

Unfortunately, recent years have seen an increase in fatalities once again. This does happen from time to time, so it’s too soon to know if it is a fluke or if it is indicative of a rising trend in the future. But it is important to look at reasons that the roads have been getting more dangerous and how this can impact you.

Impaired driving

One reason cited by the National Safety Council is an increase in impaired driving. This could certainly mean drunk driving after using alcohol, but it may also include impairment by prescription medications, marijuana or illegal drugs.

Increased speeding

There’s also evidence that speeding was more common in recent years, which can cause more accidents. But the real impact of speeding is that it makes an accident more likely to be fatal. Even if the accident would’ve happened anyway, the injuries are more severe at higher speeds.

Lack of seatbelt use

Interestingly, statistics also showed a large number of fatalities happened when people didn’t use their seatbelts. Other types of safety technology have improved over the years, but this shows why seatbelts are still important.

If you’ve lost a loved one or suffered serious injuries in an accident caused by another driver, you may be able to seek financial compensation.