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You could suffer debilitating complications from broken bones

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your car accident, you may feel lucky to be alive even though you suffered injuries. One of the injuries you could suffer and count yourself lucky for suffering is a broken bone. What you may not realize is that broken bones are sometimes much more than just simple injuries.

Fight back if you have suffered whiplash in a car collision

You sing along to music during your morning commute to work. Then, all of a sudden, a crunching-steel sound replaces your favorite beat, and your head and neck area jerks back and forth. You have just been in an accident where the motorist behind you rear-ended your motor vehicle -- possibly due to careless driving.

Injured in a crash with a cellphone distracted driver?

It does not matter how many distracted driving campaigns the state of New York runs, you always see drivers using their cellphones while behind the wheel. Distracted driving collisions are frequently reported and numerous people injured every year. If you have suffered injuries in a crash with a distracted driver, you may seek compensation for your losses through legal means.

Crash prevention technology misses the mark for motorcycles

Whether you love motorcycles for their connotations of freedom or you enjoy the ability to quickly travel without loading up a whole car, it's obvious just how important these vehicles are to you. Many people in New York also enjoy the sensation that is distinctly different than that of a passenger vehicle.

Ensuring your safety as a motorcycle rider

Are you one of the Staten Island residents who finds pleasure in the freedom of riding your motorcycle on the open road? Then you will likely be aware of the risks and the threats that other motorists pose. Respect for your bike and ongoing improvement of your skills are critical aspects of accident prevention.

Seeking justice after a pedestrian accident, one step at a time

Whether you were born and raised in New York or have come to Staten Island to live as an adult, you're likely well aware of how busy and crowded roadways and sidewalks can be on any given day. You may be among those residents who try to choose walking as a preferred means of transportation as often as possible. After all, studies show walking at a brisk pace is an easy way to increase your heart rate and fit aerobic exercise into your daily routine.

Walking safely in areas where pedestrianism is a way of life

For those who live in certain areas of New York, walking may be a part of everyday life. With heavily congested traffic ever present, you may even prefer to walk from place to place. However, while pedestrianism may have numerous benefits, it could also have certain disadvantages, one of which is a lack of available protection.

Is drugged driving on the rise?

The last time you had surgery or a dental procedure, a doctor probably prescribed a pain reliever. You may have taken this medication for a week or so after the procedure, and during that time, you may have slept a lot. Perhaps you remember very little of the time you spent in the haze of narcotics.

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