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Pedestrian accidents spur truck crackdown in New York

As the number of pedestrian accidents with injuries and fatalities has risen, the dangers pedestrians face in New York City have been a prominent concern. Law enforcement and legislators are seeking methods to make the roads safer for pedestrians. Statistically, vehicles that pose the biggest risk for pedestrians are SUVs and trucks. With that, law enforcement is stepping up its efforts to cite these vehicles for illegal behaviors that put pedestrians in jeopardy.

Elderly man on bicycle dies after colliding with minivan

In New York City, if it seems as if there are an inordinate number of stories about bicyclists being hit by an automobile, suffering serious injuries and dying, it is no mistake. Bicyclists and pedestrians have grown more and more at risk in recent years. This is ongoing despite law enforcement and legislators seeking ways to make the roads safer for everyone to share them without worrying about a collision. Still, the accidents are continuing to a troubling degree and those who are affected should remember they have rights.

Pedestrian dies after being hit by turning school bus

The dangers faced by pedestrians throughout New York City has garnered significant attention as lawmakers and safety advocates seek strategies to reduce pedestrian accidents. Unfortunately, these accidents continue to occur and people are seriously hurt and even lose their lives on a regular basis. Many of these accidents involve vehicles that fail to yield or that hit a pedestrian in crosswalk accidents. Due to their vulnerability, pedestrians can suffer long-term damage and death in these collisions.

New York among the worst for fatal pedestrian accidents

In New York or any large city, crossing the street as a pedestrian has its risks. With the number of drivers who are speeding, reckless, distracted, under the influence and are otherwise behaving in a dangerous way, pedestrian accidents can happen without warning. These crashes can cause serious injuries and fatalities. A pedestrian's vulnerabilities are inherent when they are hit by a car. Understanding statistics for these crashes is important. So too is considering a legal filing for compensation after such a collision.

Worker hit by a car suffers serious injuries in Staten Island

Road workers are prevalent in Staten Island and across New York City. When these workers are doing their jobs, it is important for drivers to watch where they are going and keep safety in mind. Unfortunately, some drivers might not adhere to the proper safety requirements and accidents will happen. If a worker or any pedestrian is hit by a car, there can be broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage and other problems that require medical care. A legal filing might be necessary to recover sufficient compensation to pay for all that was lost.

Hit-and-run pedestrian accident kills woman crossing street

Despite New York lawmakers and law enforcement officials making attempts to improve pedestrian safety in various ways, the streets are still rife with danger. Vehicles are rushing back and forth, there are many drivers whose living relies on getting as many passengers as possible and the hurried nature of the city has inherent risks. Still, drivers are expected to keep a close eye on pedestrians and to adhere to the law. When automobile-pedestrian accidents happen, they can cause serious injuries and death.

Three separate bicycle accidents cause injuries and fatalities

New York lawmakers are cognizant of the risks bicyclists face when sharing the road with motor vehicles in a busy and bustling city. To address the number of bicycle accidents with injuries and fatalities that have caused so much damage, city legislators have been actively promoting new laws and solutions. Unfortunately, the reason there has been such attention paid to this issue is the rising frequency of bicycle-auto accidents and, within a short period of time, there were three across New York City recently.

Summer is a peak time for pedestrian accidents in New York

While pedestrians are a common site on Staten Island, summertime sees an increase in pedestrian activity across New York. When the weather is pleasant, people are more apt to want to take a walk, jog outside or ride their bikes. However, it is essential that motorists pay extra attention to pedestrians in their vicinity in the summer months, to avoid causing a pedestrian accident.

Man arrested after pedestrian death in Staten Island hit-and-run

In Staten Island, it is important for drivers to pay strict attention to pedestrians. This is especially true when there are elderly people and children on the street. Because drivers might speed, behave recklessly, drive while distracted and make other risky maneuvers, pedestrian knockdowns can happen. In a worst-case scenario, these can become fatal pedestrian accidents. To make the situation even more problematic, many drivers will flee the scene after a crash. Hit-and-run accidents will inevitably lead to criminal charges. Law enforcement is vigilant in finding drivers who have fled after a pedestrian accident, so it is imperative that those who have been hurt or lost a loved one have legal help immediately.

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