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Rising New York chef dies in hit and run pedestrian crash

Since New York City is so busy and loaded with vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians, it is inevitable that there will be accidents. However, when these accidents occur, those involved are supposed to remain at the scene, provide help and call for emergency assistance. Unfortunately, many choose not to do that. Hit and run accidents are especially dangerous when they involve pedestrians. When there is a pedestrian accident and it leads to injuries or, worse, a fatality, it is vital that the victim and their family discuss the case with an experienced legal professional.

On-duty police detective hit by a car suffers serious injuries

Speeding vehicles on Staten Island and throughout New York City do not discriminate in a crash. This is especially true in pedestrian accidents as the person hit has no protection from injury. This can happen to anyone at any time and cause severe injuries and death. And, a legal case is crucial to getting compensation for their injuries, damages and lost wages.

Pedestrian accident injures 3 in Midtown Manhattan, New York

New York is a bustling pedestrian city. There are so many people driving and walking that accidents can occur in a multitude of ways. When there is a pedestrian accident, those who are hit can face substantial injuries and even death. Their vulnerability can cause long-lasting damage. For those who have been hurt in pedestrian accidents after hit by a car, having legal advice is imperative in the aftermath.

Staten Island pedestrian hit and run injures grandmother

Pedestrians should know the dangers they face from motorists. Drivers are frequently ignorant of pedestrians for a variety of reasons. What makes a pedestrian accident worse is when the driver flees the scene, making it a hit and run. As a result, these pedestrian should know how to pursue compensation in a legal filing.

Woman, two children critically injured in pedestrian accident

The roads in Staten Island can be exceedingly dangerous for pedestrians even when they are following all the safety rules when crossing the street. A pedestrian accident can cause a substantial amount of damage to those who have been hit. This is due to myriad factors including the lack of protection pedestrians have and the speed at which vehicles are often moving. Injuries and fatalities are not unusual in pedestrian accidents and these can cause financial, emotional and personal problems for an extended period. Those who have been affected by one of these accidents must understand how a legal filing can help them in its aftermath.

Safety measures have made some NY streets safer

Safety measures, such as 3-foot steel cylindrical bollards, prevented additional fatalities and injuries when a motorist plowed his car into pedestrians in Times Square last month and killed an 18-year-old woman and injured 20 other pedestrians. This tragedy has sparked a review of safety measures imposed in 2012 to prevent future injuries from terrorists or even negligent parties.

City may be liable for Brooklyn Bridge cyclist-pedestrian crash

When a cyclist is involved in a crash in New York City, the cyclist may not be the only one legally responsible for any injuries that result. A local government may also be responsible by not taking adequate precautions to protect cyclists and pedestrians who share the same lane. A judge recently decided that the City may be held liable for these accidents on the Brooklyn Bridge because it knew or should have been aware of the dangers on the bridge that led to a July 2010 collision between a pedestrian and a cyclist.

Pedestrian deaths set record in 2016

Projections indicate that there was an 11 percent increase in fatalities attributed to pedestrian accidents in this country in 2016 from one year earlier. This was the greatest increase in the actual number of deaths, according to a report made by the Governors Highway Safety Association that was issued in late March.

Pedestrian hit by bus in New York City in serious condition

Whether you are a car driver, motorcycle rider, or even a pedestrian, stressing that one should always proceed with caution while on the roads cannot be understated. Yet despite any precautions you may take, accidents are often unpredictable, and an accident can happen to any person at any time.

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