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If a driver hits you, then they need to be held accountable

There's never a day when a person starts out thinking, "I'm going to get hurt today." You probably thought today was just like any other when you got into your car. Unfortunately, the trip to work didn't go as planned, and a driver who was texting on their way to school crashed into your tail end at a local stop light.

Distracted drivers may come from familiarity with advanced tech

In New York and across the nation, distracted driving is a continuing problem that causes injuries with accidents and fatalities. At first glance, people will associate being a distracted driver with texting and driving and activities with cellphones. However, there are other factors that can lead to drivers being distracted. Ironically, one that is becoming more prevalent might be technology designed to make driving safer. When collisions have happened, this can be an important part of pursuing compensation in a legal filing.

Drowsy drivers a major danger on the road

When thinking about the potential dangers on the road in the New York Metropolitan area, people will name texting and driving, drunk driving, speeding, recklessness and other examples before drowsy driving comes up. However, drivers getting behind the wheel when they are drowsy is also a major risk for motor vehicle accidents. When crashes occur, it is important to consider the cause when seeking compensation for medical costs, lost income and a wrongful death.

Distracted drivers still permeate the nation's roadways

Texting and driving and other distracting behaviors behind the wheel have been problematic in New York since smartphones became commonplace. Law enforcement and legislators have tried to formulate strategies to lower the number of distracted drivers. Despite laws being passed and crackdowns imposed, it continues. With the number of people who are injured or lose their lives in collisions due to distracted drivers, this should be considered whenever there is a crash.

Danger of auto crashes increases with daylight saving

Daylight saving is an annual occurrence in New York and across the nation. People expect it and might be under the impression that they can make a seamless transition without significant risk accompanying it. However, there are statistical and practical dangers that people will face on the roadways when there is the "fall back" in autumn. Changing the time might make it feel as if a person is getting an extra hour of sleep, but there are still inherent dangers on the roads. Understanding these can be critical to avoiding auto collisions.

New steps designed to prevent auto-bicycle crashes in New York

The dangers to bicyclists in New York City are well-known. As more people have taken up bicycle riding and are using it as a common method of transportation, it has increased the danger of catastrophic injuries and death in bicycle-auto accidents. To improve the landscape for riders, legislators and transportation staff are making various attempts to ensure safety. Still, these accidents are likely to occur no matter what and people who have been hurt or who have lost a loved one should be mindful of what they should do to attempt to recover compensation in a lawsuit.

Child dies in auto-bicycle accident, driver arrested

There is significant attention being paid to bicycle accidents throughout New York. With the increasing number of people who are riding bikes, crashes with catastrophic injuries and fatalities have been rising commensurately. While adults are taking to bike riding more, it is an activity that has always been popular with children. If the auto-bike accident involved a child, the injuries and long-term consequences can be worse.

Certain auto makes correlated with dangerous driver behavior

A recent study based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that people who drive Infiniti-brand vehicles have the most accidents due to alcohol or speeding in the U.S. The researchers assessed the vehicles based on how drivers behaved when driving them. They used 250 or more fatal crashes from 2017. The cars were also split based on being luxury, non-luxury, domestic and foreign.

Rise in city employee auto collisions a worrisome issue

Auto accidents are a major concern in New York City. The city is such a large municipality and it is so busy that some auto accidents are seemingly unavoidable. However, many of these collisions involve people who are employed by the city and are in a vehicle that is provided to them by the government. This is causing concern as there has been an increase in these specific types of wrecks. People who were involved in a crash with a city vehicle must think about the aftermath and know what steps they can take to recover compensation.

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