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Vision Zero program reduces pedestrian deaths

Those who travel by foot in New York face more risks than pedestrians in other states. The Tri-State Transportation Campaign Policy Coordinator recently reported that New York continues to lead the nation in pedestrian fatalities. In New York City, Long Island and five counties north of New York City, over 730 pedestrians were hit and killed by a vehicle from 2011 to 2013. The Tri-State Transportation Campaign report finds that a majority of those pedestrian accident deaths occurred on city streets.

Daylight saving time may lead to more car accidents

Earlier this month, many Americans lost an hour of sleep as they set their clocks one-hour forward for Daylight Saving Time. This seemingly small time change has a significant effect on motorists all over the country. According to the Fatal Accident Reporting System, there is a 17 percent increase in motor vehicle fatalities the Monday after the time change. Congress first adopted daylight saving time in 1966, and in 2007, daylight saving was set to go from the second Sunday of March to the first Sunday in November.

Staten Island officials try to make roads safer for pedestrians

It is no surprise that many accidents in the New York City area involve people who are walking the streets. In Staten Island, seven pedestrians have been killed and 40 pedestrians have been severely injured each year since 2009. Even with these numbers, Staten Island has proven to be one of the safest boroughs for pedestrians. However, pedestrians still makeup a majority of traffic deaths on Staten Island. This has proven to be a major concern for Department of Transportation officials.

Reduction of pedestrian accidents behind new NYC speed limit

Over the past few years, Staten Island has had its share of pedestrian accidents. Many of these accidents cause serious injury and fatalities. A number of pedestrian knockdowns have been caused by speeding drivers. Fortunately, the city is making some changes to make sure that those who take to the streets on foot are safe. New York City recently imposed a 25 MPH speed limit, and the Department of Transportation (DOT) has installed over 500 signs so far.

How dangerous are New York roads?

Car accidents in New York have proven to have devastating results. According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, in 2013, there were over 300,000 motor vehicle accidents with just under 260,000 reported to police. Out of these reported accidents, about 1,109 were fatal crashes and about 1,188 people were killed. As for the other reported car accidents, over 157,000 people were injured.

New York pedestrian severely injured in hit-and-run accident

Some of the most tragic accidents involve drivers who leave the scene of an accident after injuring or killing someone. Pedestrian accidents in particular can cause very serious injuries. One man was recently charged with a hit-and-run after an accident that left one pedestrian injured on North Franklin Turnpike.

Pedestrian accident kills three men stopped along the highway

A fiery accident along Interstate 287 in late June resulted in the deaths of three men who were stopped on the shoulder of the highway. Two of the men were a New York father and son who worked for Concrete on Demand. They had driven to the scene to help their co-worker repair his cement truck which was broken down on the shoulder. The three men were standing beside the truck when they were hit by a tractor-trailer and were pronounced dead the scene.

Truck accident leaves Tracy Morgan in critical condition

Accidents that occur on east coast highways can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Actor-comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in a serious accident on the New Jersey Turnpike earlier this month. The 45-year-old New York City native was riding in a limo with a few other comedians when a Walmart truck rear-ended their vehicle. This resulted in a multi-vehicle pileup involving a total of six vehicles.

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