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What are the rules for property owners after a snowfall?

The winter often brings snow to New York City and this can place people in danger of being involved in a slip and fall accident and suffering significant injuries. It is a general question as to who is responsible and what the property owners were supposed to do to clear the snow and when they were supposed to do it. Snow and icy sidewalks can place people in danger and if there was a slip and fall incident, it is important to understand that a legal filing is possible to be compensated.

Danger of falling objects shown as construction worker dies

People who work construction in New York are a common part of the city landscape. They serve an important function in building and maintaining structures and, for the most part, do their jobs safely while adhering to the law. However, it is a reality that the jobs these people do can be dangerous to them and to people in the vicinity. When people are involved in construction and suffer head injuries, back injuries, or other damages and are hurt or lose their lives, it is imperative for the family to understand the steps to take to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Holding property owners responsible after slip and fall accidents

With the end of summer and autumn just beginning, it will not be long before New Yorkers are getting out their snow shovels and winter gear to deal with cold weather. And, with cold weather comes the risk of slipping and falling due to ice. Though, at first glance, a person slipping and falling might not be viewed as significantly dangerous, but it can lead to broken bones, cuts, head injuries and spinal cord injuries. It can even result in death. However, it is a property owner's responsibility to keep the area safe for those walking on it.

Who is responsible for sidewalk accidents?

Since 2003, the City of New York holds property owners responsible for injuries caused by unsafe sidewalk conditions, such as improperly maintained or icy sidewalks. This law is intended to protect the City from liability for injuries caused by a property owner's failure to keep the sidewalks in good condition.

Falling debris injured tourist in Tribeca

A tourist from the United Kingdom received an unwelcome and dangerous surprise when she suffered head injuries after an object fell out of the sky and crashed into her earlier this month in Tribeca. The debris fell off a residential building in an accident that the Department of Buildings said was preventable.

Woman recovers $600,000 after injury at Coney Island Beach

Under New York law, owners have a duty to keep their property reasonably safe, so as to avoid visitors being injured in preventable accidents. This means property owners must periodically inspect the premises and repair hazardous conditions. If they breach this duty, and a visitor is injured as a result, the injured person can seek compensation for their damages through a lawsuit. The legal theory behind this is known as premises liability.

Two children killed in apartment radiator accident

Generally, property owners have a duty to reasonably protect those visiting or living on the property from dangerous conditions. Failure to adequately maintain the property can cause people to be seriously injured. Some people may even be killed. One New York couple is reeling after the tragic loss of their two daughters. The tragedy occurred at the family's apartment after a radiator valve popped off, releasing hot steam into the room where the girls were sleeping. The daughters, aged two and one, passed away due to hyperthermia and internal organ failure. The girls suffered burns to over 70 percent of their bodies.

Property owners must provide visitors with safe conditions

Whether people are shopping at a department store or visiting a friend's apartment, property owners have a responsibility to make sure that their property is safe for visitors. While the amount of responsibility may vary based on what type of guest people are, the general rule is that property owners owe visitors some sort of duty to maintain the premises.

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