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Auto crash between car and bus in Staten Island injures six

With the number of vehicles on the road in Staten Island and the growing danger of being in an auto accident, many will choose to take public transportation as an alternative. The wisdom behind this is multi-layered. It saves money, it can improve safety and allows people to relax rather than worry about the dangers of others on the road. However, auto accidents do not discriminate and anyone can be injured in these crashes. After a public transportation accident, having legal advice is critical for everyone involved.

Study indicates number of distracted drivers getting worse

In New York and across the U.S., smartphones have become so ubiquitous that everyone is seemingly looking at it regardless of what they are doing. That includes when they are driving. Smartphone "addiction" might sound like an odd description, but studies are indicating that it is undoubtedly accurate. People cannot stop themselves from constantly checking their device. This is a common cause of distracted drivers, auto accidents, injuries and fatalities. A new study from Zendrive hammers home this dangerous reality.

Crash kills car wash worker in New York

Auto accidents can happen in many ways and can cause catastrophic injuries and death. Car wash employees are especially at risk as one wrong turn or accidental acceleration can cause an accident. When people are hurt by a vehicle while at work, it is important to know how to file a lawsuit.

Research shows banning texting and driving effective

Anecdotal and statistical evidence show just how dangerous distracted driving is in New York and across the country. In 2016 alone, distracted drivers caused almost 3,500 deaths and 391,000 injuries. Research shows how laws designed to discourage drivers from texting and driving have improved safety. This new research considered not only the number of fatalities caused by distracted driving, but also looked at the number of accidents. States that have banned texting and driving have seen a notable decrease in the number of car accidents that occur each year. Regardless, when a car crash happens, people who have been injured or lost a loved one should consider a lawsuit.

Despite improvements, smartphones still create auto accident risk

When Staten Islanders and people throughout New York are taught to drive, they are told that the most important aspect of being safe behind the wheel is to watch the road. This is fundamental. However, with the number of people who have smartphones reaching 77 percent in the U.S., it is unavoidable that many drivers will behave as distracted drivers through texting and driving, surfing the web and making calls among other activities. Smartphone manufacturers and carmakers are seeking to mitigate the risk by devising ways to improve safety and let drivers maintain their focus on the road. Even with that, there are still dangers. Knowing how these devices can simultaneously augment safety and be a detriment to safety is important, especially after a crash.

Automobile fatalities stay worryingly high according to NSC study

Staten Islanders and people throughout New York should be concerned about auto accidents when they are on the road in any capacity -- as drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Road safety is an understandable worry since one of the main causes of injury and death in the U.S. is through motor vehicle collisions. While car companies are trying to devise ways to improve safety, driver behaviors are getting worse and, as a result, there has been a stagnation in auto fatality statistics. People who have been injured or had a loved one die in a crash should consider the statistics and the reasons why the accidents happened so they can think about a legal filing for compensation.

Six people including two pedestrians suffer injury in crash

New York is a busy city with vehicles and people needing to share the road. For the most part, this is achieved with everyone adhering to the law and the basic rules for safety. However, since there are so many motor vehicles on the road, it is inevitable that there will be auto accidents. In some of these crashes, innocent bystanders can be hit. With the injuries and potential fatalities that can come about after auto accidents, those who were hit must think about the future and consider a legal filing for compensation.

New study shows distracted drivers are still a major risk

In New York and throughout the United States, distracted driving is a major danger to everyone on the road. It does not take a significant amount of effort to look at drivers and see who is holding a device in their hand and is paying attention to it in lieu of watching the road. However, since legislators and law enforcement are increasingly cognizant of the problem distracted drivers present and have taken steps to stop them and issue citations, it was expected to reduce its frequency. Unfortunately, as a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows, people are still using their devices behind the wheel to an alarming degree.

Study indicates teen auto behaviors mimic parents

There are many dangers on the road in Staten Island, especially for teen drivers. While the blame for the risks they face are often linked to inexperience, behaving as distracted drivers and more, there are other issues that contribute to the chances of them being involved in or causing car accidents. Studies are done to try and narrow down why these crashes occur and reduce their frequency. One from Liberty Mutual says that teens are mimicking their parents' behaviors behind the wheel.

Auto accidents can cause serious injuries - legal help is needed

In Staten Island and across New York City, auto accidents are an unfortunate fact of daily life. These can come in many ways with crashes between vehicles, a vehicle crashing into a bicyclist, and pedestrian-auto accidents. All can cause injuries and death. For people who have been in these crashes, their lives can be radically changed with medical costs, lost wages and the need for long-term care. Families are often confronted with caring for a loved one who needs attention all day, every day. It can be a financial and personal hardship.

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