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Crash between bus and fire truck injures several people

Hearing the sound of sirens from emergency vehicles is a part of living in New York City. Since it is such a busy municipality, it is unavoidable that there will be accidents and incidents that require emergency services. That can include an ambulance to help those who are injured, law enforcement vehicles heading to a scene and fire department vehicles rushing to assist others. Coming across these vehicles generally leads to people moving their vehicles to the side to let them pass. However, there are instances when two vehicles are in the wrong place at the wrong time and are unable to react quickly enough to avoid an accident. This is when there can be injuries and fatalities.

Statistics show distracted drivers are a common cause of crashes

In New York and across the nation, distracted drivers are a growing problem that legislators and law enforcement are seeking to stop. The risks accompanying texting and driving, using the internet and performing other activities on a device are obvious, but people still tend to do it under the misplaced belief that they can multi-task and do so safely. Statistically, the numbers indicate how truly dangerous it is for distracted drivers to be on the road in New York. For those who have suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident, this can be critical to a legal filing for compensation.

Daylight savings time can spark a rise in car accidents

In New York and across the nation, opinions will inevitably vary as to the usefulness of daylight savings time. Moving the clocks forward in the spring and back in the fall might seem like it is simply a part of life, but there are certain issues that can arise because of it. Safety on the roads is one. Legislators and law enforcement are making sure to let people know about the dangers that accompany the sudden differences that go along with moving the clocks back. For those who are in auto accidents during or right after the clocks have been changed, it is important to know what research says about crashes related to the time adjustment.

Teen auto accidents stem from variety of issues and distractions

With the number of dangers on the road in New York, teen drivers are starting out on one of the most difficult terrains in the world. Combine that with the natural inexperience and inevitable mistakes that teen drivers will make, and they as well as anyone they encounter on the road will be may be jeopardy. With National Teen Driver Safety Week having recently taken place, it is important to understand the statistics and research about teen drivers.

Stats for motor vehicle accidents show rise in truck fatalities

New Yorkers are accustomed to navigating the busy roads of the city. They will be cautious and prepared for what the bustling city roads have in store. However, one issue that they will often overlook is the danger that large trucks present. Although New York is not located in an area of the U.S. where trucks will need to traverse as they go across the country, it is an important shipping location and destination, making it common that there will be these large and ominous vehicles on the road. This creates danger. Research into the number of fatal auto accidents shows that large truck fatalities are on the rise.

Vehicle safety systems can lead to auto accidents if misused

In Staten Island and throughout New York City, there are endless dangers on the road. That includes distracted drivers, drivers under the influence, reckless drivers and negligent drivers. What might come as a surprise is that technologies that are being installed by auto manufacturers to improve safety are also risky and can cause accidents because they are not being used properly. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has examined this issue.

Studies examine age range of distracted drivers

In New York and across the country, it is known how dangerous distracted drivers are. They can cause crashes with other vehicles, hit bicyclists and pedestrians and cause an untold amount of damage with serious injuries and even death. While legislators and law enforcement officials seek to stop the practice, research is always useful as a method to understand the phenomenon to directly target the people who are most prone to distracted driving. One study from Volvo looked at the age of people who are commonly distracted drivers.

Woman suffers leg injury after Staten Island hit-and-run

There are times when car accidents in Staten Island are unavoidable. The best that those involved in these collisions can hope for is to avoid serious injury. However, some accidents do lead to serious injuries and people will need extensive medical care. In some cases, the injuries are catastrophic and people will lose their lives. What can make these accidents worse is when one of those involved decides to flee the scene.

New York teens who are texting and driving is a growing problem

There are many teen drivers in New York and while they are undoubtedly excited to get their driver's license, that does not mean they fully understand the risks involved with being on the road. Many will treat it without the required seriousness, operate their vehicles recklessly and take part in risky activities behind the wheel. Today, some of the most dangerous acts that drivers can indulge in involve texting and driving and other levels of distracted driving. Research has been examining the combination of teen drivers and texting and driving and found that it is a problem in New York.

Boy on bike suffers serious injuries after hit-and-run

Drivers in New York are expected to keep a close eye on everything and everyone on the road to ensure safety. This is especially true in the summer, when there are children out on bicycles and just out and about in the street. When there is an accident, it is important that the driver remain at the scene to make certain that those who were hit are uninjured. If there are injuries, it is crucial to call for emergency assistance. When there are serious injuries, the family must make sure they understand their potential right to pursue compensation in a legal filing.

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