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Danger of hit-and-run car accidents shown in Staten Island crash

When there are car collisions, it is expected that those involved will stay at the scene, exchange insurance information and check if others involved need medical assistance. Unfortunately, in a substantial number of car accidents, it will turn into a hit-and-run with a driver fleeing the scene. With hit-and-run accidents, it is vital that there be a full investigation to determine what happened. Those who are in any accident must be examined for serious injuries and understand their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Stats for NYC car accidents show positives and negatives

Car accidents and the serious injuries and fatalities that can result from them are an ongoing problem in a city as large and as busy as New York. The city authorities and law enforcement are constantly trying to find ways to make the streets safer. One tactic that appears to be showing promise is Vision Zero. The program was implemented in 2014. Since then, the number of deaths in auto accidents has reduced across the city except for Staten Island. However, 2017 has been a better year for the borough than it was in the previous two.

Drugged driving on the rise

Golf great Tiger Woods was recently arrested for driving under the influence after he was found sleeping in an idling car in Jupiter, Florida. He attributed the DUI to an adverse reaction to prescription medications. This arrest illustrates that drugged driving has outpaced drunk driving and can be a major component of car accidents in New York and throughout this country.

Drivers should focus more on the distracted driving dilemma

It's nearly impossible to drive through any part of Staten Island without seeing someone on a cellphone, putting on makeup or even watching a movie while driving. Distracted driving continues to rise and pose a real and catastrophic threat to everyone on the roadways. Even pedestrians on sidewalks and in crosswalks aren't safe from drivers who are busier doing anything else other than driving.

The dangers of a speeding driver

If you were to list some of the most common dangers present on America's roads and highways, you would likely include certain prevalent issues such as distracted driving or drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol. While these are serious issues that compromise the safety of every motorist, speeding remains one of most common safety threats.

AAA study finds millennials to be most dangerous drivers

A recent report by the AAA Foundation of Safety finds that drivers of all ages engage in risky behaviors. These risky behaviors include distracted driving, driving while impaired, drowsy driving and aggressive driving. Negligence behind the wheel causes a large number of car accidents around the country.

Checking your phone at a red light may soon be illegal

We all know that using your phone while driving is against the law. But what about when your car is stopped? As of now, the law says that drivers are not allowed to use their phones while the car is in motion. However, there is a debate over what is considered to be "in motion." Many people claim that your vehicle is not in motion when you are stopped at a stop sign or light and therefore, it is legal to check your phone at that time.

Uber driver files suit after passenger crashes vehicle

An Uber driver has filed suit against his passenger and Uber Technologies for negligence after his passenger crashed his vehicle. The incident occurred when the Uber driver was hired by the passenger to drive him from Philadelphia to the Bronx. The two-hour drive proved to be too much for the Uber driver to handle, as he became too tired to continue driving. Instead of ending the ride, the Uber driver allowed his passenger to drive while he took a nap.

Sleep apnea testing now a priority after numerous train accidents

Many New York accidents are caused by sleep deprived drivers. While car accidents are typically the focus, a recent onslaught of train accidents has got the attention of New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, as well as New Jersey Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker. The Senators released a letter to the National Transportation Safety Board requesting regulatory changes to reduce the number of accidents related to sleep deprivation.

Recovering from injuries caused by distracted drivers

Staten Island is obviously a popular tourist location. Whether you live here full time or merely visit on occasion, you're probably familiar with the heavy traffic often present on the roads. While most drivers try their best to adhere to safety regulations and traffic laws, others appear more concerned with taking the perfect selfie or checking out billboards on the side of the road. Distracted drivers often cause serious motor vehicle collisions that result in severe injuries or, in worst cases, death.

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